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Kayak Rigging

From electronic to accessories, and full lighting configurations, our team of experts can set up your yak exactly to fit your custom needs and preferences.


As one of the largest kayak and kayak accessory dealers in the country, we know how to get your rig ready for all of your on-water adventures. From electronic to accessories, and full lighting configurations, our team of experts can set up your yak exactly to fit your custom needs and preferences. Our full service shop is one of the nation’s top Yak Attack accessory dealers, and we are the largest retailer for Yak-Power lighting and switching networks on the East Coast.

Interested in getting your yak rigged up?

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As rigging requires irreversible modification to the vessel, all vessels sold with custom rigging applied are non-refundable. Additionally, all rigging jobs are non-refundable and are provided “as-is” with no warranties, and the provider (Black Hall Outfitters) expressly excludes and disclaims any warranties under or arising as a result of the rigging job, whether express, implied or statutory, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, non-infringement or any other warranty whatsoever.

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What is the process for rigging jobs at BHO?
  • Our BHO Rigging Specialist will meet with you for a consultation prior to discuss your requests, needs and requirements for rigging up your kayak
  • BHO will provide you with a contract to sign that will include all detail for your rigging job. The contract will also include the number of hours and projected completion date for your project


  • Any quotes are estimates and are subject to change based on diagnostic review of the project
  • BHO requires a signed Rigging Contract prior to starting any rigging on your kayak
Does BHO offer same day turn around on rigging projects?
  • It depends on the rigging schedule and the number of rigging jobs in our que, as well as what rigging you are looking to have done to your kayak. BHO takes a lot of pride in our rigging and our process and all rigging jobs are treated the same with 100% attention to detail


  • Rush rigging jobs will need to be reviewed on a case by case basis
  • If BHO is able to rush your kayak rigging project, there will be a $100 rush fee added to your invoice.
Can BHO rig my kayak with parts I already have or parts I have purchased?
  • We are happy to install other parts you have or have purchased, however, you will need to go through the parts with our BHO Rigging Specialist prior to any rigging
  • Unopened parts are preferred
  • Any used or open box parts will be subject to inspection prior to the work being done on your kayak.
Does rigging void my warranty?

While we can't say for every kayak brand on the market, we can confirm that rigging will NOT void your warranty on OLD TOWN/OCEAN KAYAK brand kayaks however, any damage done as a direct result of the rigging will NOT be covered under warranty.

Can I redeem the "1 Hour of Free Rigging" on a kayak I own that was NOT purchased from BHO?

We only offer the 1 hour of free rigging on new boats purchased from BHO, but we can certainly give a rigging quote on any kayak, and for any accessories or electronics desired.

How long does it take to install a typical fish finder on a kayak?

Kayak models and electronics vary greatly from brand to brand, and some installs are more involved than others however, typically a base model fish finder install takes approximately 1-2 hours.