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Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods

Your rod is your backbone, giving you casting distance and fighting leverage. Its functionality is crucial, and you want a rod which fits your needs. Rods vary in length, strength, power, and action. At BHO, we have Daiwa, Tsunami, Shimano, G. Loomis, and a variety of saltwater fly rods to match your style.

  • Daiwa Proteus SS Spinning Rods

    Original price $159.99 - Original price $169.99
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    $159.99 - $169.99
    $159.99 - $169.99
    Current price $159.99

    The Daiwa Proteus SS Spinning rods have a super slim profile. They are still lightweight and powerful. These rods are great for fishing for striper...

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Fishing Rods

Fishing rods are an essential piece of fishing tackle, serving as the backbone of the fishing rig and providing the angler with the means to cast and retrieve line, fight fish, and to set the hook. Fishing rods come in various lengths, weights, and actions, allowing anglers to choose a rod that matches their specific fishing needs and style. Rods are made from a variety of materials, including graphite, fiberglass, and composites, and are designed to offer different levels of sensitivity, strength, and power. Some rods are designed for specific fishing techniques, such as fly fishing, baitcasting, or jigging, while others are versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. With a high-quality fishing rod, anglers can make accurate casts, feel bites and strikes, and fight fish with confidence. Whether you're fishing for trout in a small stream or targeting marlin in the open ocean, a fishing rod is an essential piece of fishing tackle that should not be overlooked. Invest in a quality fishing rod from Black Hall Outfitters today and take your fishing game to the next level!