Strategic Angler Proteus 130
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Strategic Angler Proteus 130

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Color Naked Mackerel
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The Proteus series is the latest offering by Strategic Angler® for 2021. The success of the clear bodied, UV enhanced Naia series led to the final development of the Proteus series to date, conceptualized many years before (The Proteus series received its final inspiration from the slow swimming Atlantic butterfish, a favorite staple of many pelagic species). The development of the Naia series in 2019 provided a key design element for PROTEUS. This new 5 inch hybrid lure features the characteristics of a “slow” stickbait and a sinking, wobbling jig. Twitches, “walk the dogs”, sweeps and a sinking flutter all make the Proteus irresistible. Rhythmic slow twitches will make the Proteus move with an alternating left and right cadence (walk). A quick sweep will create a sudden commotion that reverberates in the water attracting predators in the process. Retrieving the lure with the rod tip down will create a slow side to side wobble. As it descends in the water column, Proteus will have a very pronounced side to side flutter. This flutter replicates a wounded or dying baitfish extremely well. This plugs UV finish helps keep things durable and extra realistic. The Proteus sinks at an average rate of 1.5ft per second, but hook size may slightly alter the sink rate.

***Please note that each Strategic Angler Lure is hand painted, and delivered product may display slight variance from the photo***