247 Lures Fish Stick Topwater Popper
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247 Lures Fish Stick Topwater Popper

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Color Olive Green
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At fishing shows, I regularly get the question: “what’s your favorite lure?” The answer isn’t easy because each one of our lures has a time and a place, and we’ve caught great fish on all of them. That being said, if we wanted to win you over to the 247 fan club with only one of our lures, the Fish Stick would be the first one we’d recommend.

A small, round-belly pencil popper style lure that is sure to produce fish for you! At 5.75″ long and weighing approximately 1.25 oz, the Fish Stick casts better than you expect. Once the plug is on the water, there’s not a plug in our collection that’s easier to work than the Fish Stick. Some prefer to retrieve nice and slow and let the plug do the work. Personally, I like to walk the dog with short/small twitches. When that Fish Stick starts jumping side-to-side, even the pickiest of Stripers find it hard to resist.

Exact weight of individual plugs will vary slightly because of wood grain density, sealer absorption, layers of paint, thickness of clear coat, and even variation in the internal lead weights. Weights listed in product titles and description are best approximation, rounded up to the nearest quarter ounce.