Scott Schneider
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Scott Schneider

What’s your name/nickname?

Scott Schneider (no nickname)

Tell me about yourself.

Scott was first introduced to fishing at a very young age by his father. Now an avid outdoorsman, Scott spends most of his time on the water, both salt and fresh, exploring everything it has to offer. Participating in several tournaments across the region, his joy for fishing only grows as does his anticipation for the next big catch. His favorite fish to target are striped bass and the infamous tautog. Scott discovered the niche of kayak fishing in 2004, where he decided he wanted to take his fishing to the next level. “There is nothing like the adrenaline you get when your kayak is being dragged around solely by the fish on the end of your line,” says Scott.  “This isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.”

If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only pick three things to bring with you, what would they be?

If Scott were stuck on a deserted island, he would want a spool of line, a box of hooks, a quality knife and a roll of duct tape. 

What would you consider as your “best day of summer”?

Scott's ideal summer day starts fishing through the previous night, watching the warm sun pop up over the horizon and fish feeding on the surface before heading in just in time for the summer crowd to show up.