Audra Chmiel
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Audra Chmiel

What’s your name/nickname?

Audra Chmiel (Aud or Audge)

Tell me about yourself.

Audra, aka The BHO ‘Crew Mom’ is responsible for BHO HR, Events, Group Outings, Kids Paddle Camp, Customer Service and making sure all is ‘copacetic’ with the BHO Crew and Customers.  Prior to BHO, Audra spent over 20+ years in marketing on the agency and corporate side, as well as working with a couple of start-up companies. On the agency side, she managed many consumer product company brands, as well as a few beverage alcohol companies - which is WHY her margaritas are ‘Z’ best at BHO!  Raised in a small town in South Dakota, she grew up fishing and duck hunting with her two brothers and her Dad.

If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only pick three things to bring with you, what would they be?

My pilates reformer, an unlimited supply of Polar Seltzer, and my Shih Tzu, Bruno.

What would you consider as your “best day of summer”?

Seeing the incredible smiles & happiness of kids, family, co-workers, etc... after coming off the water from their BHO Group Outing, Eco Tour, Sunset Paddle or just a paddle – absolutely makes my day & is the highlight of my summer!