Why you Should Have On-the-Water Replacement Parts for your Old Town K
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Why you Should Have On-the-Water Replacement Parts for your Old Town Kayak

Why you Should Have On-the-Water Replacement Parts for your Old Town Kayak

Whether you are a seasoned kayak angler or just getting into the sport, there is one type of accessory often overlooked by anglers that is a necessity- replacement parts. This doesn’t mean that you head out for a day on the water or a weekend tournament with those parts tucked snugly into your garage- No! Those items should be on board at all times, ready for quick replacement should the need arise. No matter how careful you may be, things can always happen on the water, and the last thing you want to be is stuck up the proverbial creek without a paddle….er….prop. This is especially true if you’re a tournament angler. Imagine doing all of that preparation and research only to bump an unknown log and break a prop, which no replacement on board.

Luckily, Old Town makes replacement parts readily available so you never have to worry about getting stuck! Additionally, props and prop pins, among other repairs, are done within minutes on the water, so you don’t have to lose any additional time hunting for your next personal best. To make the process of gathering replacement parts simple, below we’ve listed some of the most common spare parts to carry, along with the reasons you may need one.

Replacement Propellers (Props)

This is by far the most important replacement part of them all. Whether you are a long-time tournament angler or someone just getting into kayak fishing, you will inevitably break your prop by running aground or clipping an unseen object, like a rock or log. Old Town offers two different kinds of props for their different models. If you have a pedal drive model, you’ll need the Old Town PDL Spare/Replacement Prop for Predator, Sportsman, and Topwater PDLs. This prop is compatible with all PDL model kayaks, including legacy models such as the Predator PDL or the Topwater PDL. If you have a motorized model, you’ll need the Old Town Sportsman/Minn Kota Replacement Prop For Old Town Sportsman 106 MK, Old Town Predator MK, and Old Town Autopilot 120/136. This prop is compatible with all modern Minn Kota-powered Old Town kayaks such as the Sportsman Autopilot (120 and 136) and the Sportsman 106 MK as well as legacy models like the Predator MK. Replacing either type of prop is done within five minutes, on the water, using only a wrench! Just make sure you keep nuts and other parts away from those scupper holes!

Both types of propellers (props) used on Old Town Sportsman kayaks

Replacement Skid Plates

Another commonly damaged item on any of the Old Town models are the skid plates, especially if you drag your kayak. These small plastic plates attach to the rear of your kayak and are designed to be sacrificial to prevent permanent damage to your hull, and are therefore incredibly important. These skid plates come in two different models- one long and skinny and the other short and fat. If you have any Sportsman models besides the BigWater 132 and BigWater 132 PDL, you’ll need the Old Town Sportsman/Topwater Rear Skid Plate. This skid plate is also compatible with the legacy Topwater and Topwater PDL models. However, if you have a BigWater 132, BigWater 132 PDL, Predator PDL, or Predator 13 made after 2019, you’ll need the Old Town Predator/Sportsman Big Water Rear Skid Plate. If you have a legacy model kayak made prior to 2019, you’ll need a special 3-hole skid plate which must be custom ordered through Old Town directly.

Both types of skid plates used on Old Town Sportsman kayaks

Replacement Lock Knobs

Lock knobs are the black, twistable parts which you twist to clamp the PDL drive into place. A lesser-known feature of all the Old Town models is that these knobs are designed to fail in the event of a run aground. If, for example, your PDL drive collides with a rock, the drive will be forced upwards, causing the lock knob to break, thus protecting your drive from damage. Spending $30 on a replacement lock knob is much more palatable than springing for a brand new PDL drive. As a result, it’s important to always have at least one spare on hand. Conveniently, Old Town uses the same lock knob on all of the Sportsman and legacy models. If you don’t have a spare one already, head on over to this link and snag one - Old Town Lock Knob Kit for Predator, Topwater, and Sportsman Kayaks

The lock knob kit used on all Old Town Sportsman pedal (PDL) kayaks

Replacement Shear Pins

Similar to the lock knobs, Old Town includes another great safety feature on both the pedal and motorized models- a shear pin behind the propeller. This pin is designed to snap if the propeller is stuck and is unable to spin freely, protecting either the motor or PDL drive in the process. These pins are one of the cheapest and easiest replacement parts to change and can be the difference between a fun day on the water and getting stuck at the launch.

You should also make sure you inspect these pins at least once per season, especially if you frequent the salt water. These pins can corrode and should be replaced if they appear compromised in any way. Typically, your new Old Town Sportsman kayak will come with two spare pins in the included tackle organizer. However, if you need more or have an older legacy model kayak, you’ll need the Old Town Shear Pin for Old Town Sportsman PDLs, Predator PDLs, and Topwater PDLs (2 pack). These pins will also work on all motorized Sportsman or legacy models. Like the propeller, the shear pins are replaced within minutes without having to land your kayak.

A 2 pack of shear pins used on all Old Town Sportsman pedal (PDL) and powered models

Ensuring that you have these parts on board for each trip is both smart and easy. Considering using a small, waterproof storage bin to hold the parts and a wrench in one place. This bin can be easily stuck to the inside of your hull using peel and stick Velcro strips. That way, you are prepared for on-the-water issues without sacrificing valuable on-deck storage space.

Not sure where to go to get ahold of these parts? We’ve got the answer! Check out BHO’s official, one-stop-shop Old Town Replacement Parts kits here: https://www.blackhalloutfitters.com/collections/black-hall-outfitters-replacement-part-kits! These kits contain all the parts mentioned here along with some commonly lost, damaged, and popular parts. They’re all you need to ensure your day on the water is memorable for all of the right reasons.

Since 1999, Black Hall Outfitters has been southern New England’s premier kayak fishing and paddle sports destination. From kayak accessories, lighting, and transport, to bait, tackle, and marine gear, BHO has everything you need to make the most of your on-water adventures. For more information, stop by either of our two locations in Westbrook or Old Lyme, Connecticut or visit us online at blackhalloutfitters.com

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