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Project Description

Game On Occhi Big Lures

In a sea of soft plastic baits, it is hard to stand out among the rest. Game On! lures has found a way to do so with its Big Occhi ( pronounced O-KI) eel style swim bait. Abnormally strong and but subtly soft, the Big Occhi has a unique V-tail taper that allows the bait to glide. Unlike other eel style baits, this is fashioned with an oversized, light reflective eye drawing attention to the head of the fish. Fished on the surface this profile allows for a walk-the-dog presentation which most other soft plastic tails cannot accomplish. On a jig head, drop shot, or even as a teaser for big fluke there are endless ways to fish the Bg Occhi. The 7” model is a great match to mimic small/ medium sized bait fish such as spearing, sandeels, and small herring.The 10” bait is perfect imitator for adult herring, bunker, and other large forage fish. Priced at $8.99 and $10.99 respectively each pack comes with multiple baits and is available at our Westbrook location.

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