July 5th- Black, Striped, and Blue Fish!

Michela and Chris Jensen of Team Amped Up! Happy 4th of July Weekend! Summer has officially started and apparently the fish got the memo too! Our inshore fishery has not been better with the amount of species we can catch in our areas! Bluefish are finally being caught with some regularity and snappers have also showed up on the reefs near the CT river. Time to load up on snapper poppers and tins! 3 Different Varieties to Choose From! Black seabass action remains great. You may have to go deeper and move around a bit, but with NY waters open there is plenty of fishy water to explore. Right now 90-100 feet should be your target areas. Hogy Epoxy Jigs drive Seabass Crazy! While short [...]

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June 26th- NY Waters Open for Seabass

The dust has settled from Fluke Fest, and in its wake we have some awesome black seabass fishing to report. Since Monday the shop has been stirring with reports of excellent catches across the sound. The line heard most has been " As long as your in 80' of water...". Small gulp tails and the smallest 1/3 oz Savage Swim Squid are really cleaning up right now. For the purest, we just loaded back up with LOCAL SQUID! The BSB are quick to inhale a fresh strip as well! Striped bass fishing seems to be in a holding pattern. Steady as she goes until we get some real schools of bunker in our local waters. Fish are being found, however, with eels and chunk bait [...]

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June 14th- Big Bass and Black Bass

This week shaped up to be quite fishy! From inshore reefs to the edge, there was a lot of catching going on! Local striped bass anglers are still chipping away at good fish on our local reefs, specifically fishing with eels. These luck folks got into this nice 35 pound bass doing just that on Monday morning. The seabass bite is still molten hot, but some of the fish have left the "shallows" as of lately. While last week had the fish in 40'-60', I would suggest trying 60'-80' now. Our local sharps are having incredible luck with the Savage Squish Jig, specifically the lighter models to 100 grams. One of our customers found a deep water stranger hanging around the grounds this week in [...]

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June 7th- The Fishing Just Keeps Getting Better!

The seasonal weather has brought steady fishing conditions to the sound. While we are still lacking bunk out our way, the fish dont seem to mind! Mojo's, Docs, and eels are culling out some big bass right now. This monster was caught just this morning locally by Captain Mike Pirri on the Flying Connie out of Clinton. Give mojo fishing a try this season if you have not yet. We can set you up with everything you need to catch fish like this! BIG BASS Locally Grown! Our inshore seabass fishing has just been spectacular. 40-60' of water are holding some real bruisers. Take a look at this 6 pound fish that fell to a Fin-Strike rig tipped with our LOCAL SQUID just this week! [...]

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May 25th-(UPDATE 5/27 am) Memorial Day Weekend Fishing Forecast

Weather like this all weekend long! It looks like we are FINALLY going to string a couple of beautiful days together, and the timing could not be better. With calm seas and clear skies, there is plenty to take advantage of this weekend. Larger striped bass have begun to filter into the sound after leaving their spawning grounds. Bigger fish have been falling to medium to large size topwater baits as well as soft plastics and swimmers. If you are looking for quantity over quality, than we suggest sticking to sandworms fished on a hi/lo rig. Memorial Day UPDATE!- Good to GREAT local seabass fishing is being reported in our waters! Reports have been flooding into the shop this morning. Stick to jigs today as [...]

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May 18th- Seabass Opens Tomorrow!

Humpheads are only a day away! The much anticipated start of the seabass season is tomorrow and it looks like a peach of a day! Squid will be the best bait to use, especially the load of fresh, off-the-boat squid we will be processing Sunday morning! It wont get any fresher than that!For those looking to jig, give the Savage Squish Jig a try. These have been proven seasbass slayers and a blast to fish with. They are equally as deadly on striped bass and bluefish as well. Load up before your trip! On to the rest of the action...Fluke Fishing saw a small uptick this week, but boats had to travel to find them. Joe Baggs Nantucket Flukies in 1/4 oz fished as a [...]

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Fluke Fest 2019

We have upped the ante for our 5-year anniversary! Fluke Fest ’19 will feature a big boat GRAND PRIZE prize trip for 6 to the hollowed grounds of Nantucket "Jurassic" Shoals for GIGANTIC Fluke aboard the Bad Influence. New England's #1 fluke boat run by BHO’s friend - Capt. Jeff Viamari. A $1400 value! 1st place for kayak anglers will be an Old Town Fishing Kayak. Thousands of $$$ in prizes and raffles, plus on water demos and HUGE SALE from Old Town all weekend. “Try and buy” from some of the best names in the fishing industry. As always, our 2 day tournament will have weigh ins 5pm Saturday and 3pm Sunday. Join us at 4pm Sunday for award winning food from Smoke Show [...]

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Long Island Sound is Heating Up!

While many were fishing for fluke this week, more were catching sea robins unfortunately. The fluke that are being caught are coming form the warmer waters off the north shore of Long Island. Bright Spro Bucktails with a Tsunami Glass Minnow teaser above it are the best delivery methods right now. Tipped with Gulp! and a spearing its the best combination to secure a keeper this early season. The weakfish are mixed in among the birds and the fluke and keepers are being caught on the same tackle.Scup have showed up in droves especially to the west. You can make quick work with a sabiki rig or a 3 hook hi/lo rig this time of the year. Bigger striped bass are filtering into the sound [...]

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Bluefish are Here!

Blackfish finished with a bang here in CT with awesome catches right down to the closing day. But now all eyes are on striped bass. Daily we are hearing more and more reports of fish moving about the beaches and being caught on everything from sea worms to soft plastics. Focus on the edges of our river mouths and herring runs for best results. Bunker are showing up and that will really usher in the first push of larger fish. The Hyperplastic Dart Spins are flying off the shelves at the shop. Either on a jig head or rigged with their weighted swimbait hook, both varieties are producing well.The first bluefish of the season are now confirmed, which is a very welcome sign here in [...]

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