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Captain Chris Parisi, compiles our weekly reports by scouring the entire Long Island Sound, extended New England waters, off-shore, and freshwater, from a range of top captains, on-water pro-staff, and anglers within our community. Check in weekly for his hot bites and the details that will put you on the fish.

November 18th- Deep for Blackfish, But the salmon are biting

What a blackfish season we are having! While the bite is still hot, depth of the fish has changed dramatically the last 10 days. Shorts can be found anywhere, but almost all he keeper fish we have heard and weighed are being caught in 50-70' of water now. With the moon behind us the current should be a bit calmer and we may get away with 10oz instead of the 14-16 we needed all week. We will have crabs through the closure of the tog season on November 28th, bearing our distributors are still setting their pots. Freshwater fishing is where its at right now. The trout and salmon action could not be better with spin, center pin, and fly fishing all producing so well! [...]

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November 10th- Tog Time is Now!

What a tog weekend we are having here. Cold air temps kept many anglers off the water, but those that braved the day were rewarded with lots of action. The shallower areas from the walls to 30' produced about a 5:1 short to keeper ratio, but those fishing deeper water found lots of quality fish with quick limits reported in 40 plus feet of water. 10+ oz sinkers are necessary and while the tide is ripping its gonna be closer to 14oz. We have been employing a new technique lately and its been paying off in spades. Try 3-waying a light jig from Asylum and S&S Bucktails under your sinker. The jig kind of flutters in the current but stays lower in the water column. [...]

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October 18th- Storm’s Over, Fish ON!

Quite a wacky couple of days of days of weather we had here on the shoreline. From torrential rains to hurricane force winds, the seas were angry but we are on the other side of it now and the weekend forecast looks tremendous. Before the storm we saw some AWESOME fishing. The false albacore have returned and were easily caught from Niantic to Clinton. The fish are on peanuts and when this happens the catch ratio tends to go through the roof! Try larger baits in some brighter colors. This will help differentiate from the massive schools of bait and may help with the stained water we are dealing with at the time. Glows, pinks, and whites would be my first choices now. Blackfishing remains [...]

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September 27th- Big Bass are Chewing Bunker in the Sound

After that storm rolled through last night, it certainly feels like fall again. In its wake is a stretch of great weather and the fishing could not be better to take advantage of. This week saw MULTIPLE fish from 40-50 lbs caught on our local reefs and off the beach. Montauk and Block are nice, but catching big fish close to home is where its at! Captain Keith Salisbury of Lori Marie Charters reported excellent fishing with love bunker, and had this specimen to prove it. Tyler Burzenski wrangled this 46 lb bass off the beach in Old Saybrook this week fishing a fresh chunk of bunker (fresh bunker in stock!). While the bass bite is in true fall run fashion, these fish will seek [...]

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September 20th- We are Swimming in Albies!

The title says is all, folks. They are everywhere. From Westbrook to the RI boarder schools of false albacore are terrorizing small bait. The sound is loaded with a variety of bait right now. We are seeing peanut bunker in a couple different sizes and bay anchovies by the millions. As exciting as this is, it can make the fish "picky" when there is so much to choose from. take a look a the bait a single fish spit up while we were out on Tuesday. EXO jig fooled some fish eating a variety of small bait Our advice is to GO SMALL! Little jigs will out fish large ones in schools of finicky fish. As you can see in the above picture, the 1 [...]

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September 6th- Reverse Surf Casting for the Win

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SXA-nvWST4 Now is a great time to use your kayak for some revere surf casting This big blow forecast for today is just what we need to really kick start the fall run. False albacore to the east of us are sure to blow in with the heavy east wind we have in store today. If you are feeling ambitious, albacore are being caught on the Westerly coastline, specifically from Watch Hill to Weekapaug breach way. After a cray first week of carrying the Game On EXO jigs, we are restocked and have all sizes and colors on the pegs. These have proven themselves quickly as a a funny fish slayer. Pleasure beach Spanish Mackerel! Surf fishing is starting to come into its own with [...]

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August 23rd- Hardtail Season Starting off Strong!

Spanish mackerel! Yes, you heard me, there are spanish mackerel in the sound! Oh, and bonito, and chub mackerel. What a late summer bite! From Watch Hill to Fisher's Island to Long Sand Shoal, the sound has filled in pretty good with the hardtails we all hope to catch. Bonito are thicker to the east and anglers are doing work with double digit days being reported more often than not. Stuck on shore? No problem. Head to one of the South County breach ways for a shot from shore. While the bonito being caught on the West Wall, you can have as much success without going all the way to PJ. Closer to home, Joe Diorio got his sports on the funny fish recently and [...]

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August 16th- Don’t Call me Chubby!

TURN VOLUME UP!!Chub mackerel are Voracious Eaters! To be a bait fish or a bluefish. I'm not sure whats worse right now! The blues are crushing bait of all sizes from our feet on the beach to the reefs 3 miles out. Lucky for us, they are happy to eat metals and poppers so our customers are having a blast with fish from 1 pound to 10 pounds depending on the school that pops up. Vertical jigging has been super effective on larger fish as the tried and true silver diamond jig with a tube tail has been flying off the shelves. Striped bass are mixed into the surface onslaught and popping plugs are doing work on these 24"-30" fish. We recently restocked on the [...]

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