August 30th- Labor Day Weekend Looks Fishy!

More bait and more funny fish have filled in chasing schools of peanuts and silversides across the sound. Bonito are like icebergs in that you only see about 10% of the school as another 90% stay under the surface. This is why its important to blind cast into fishy water. Cast. Cast. Cast. You should be tired at the end of a bonito day from either catching or casting!

Fly Bones are the Best Bones!

Everyone keeps asking, “Where should I fish”? Well, here is a little guide as to where I would start when searching for the speedsters. East to West is the best way and really, sticking close to shore is a fine way to find them. Wind will push bait fish into structure and in turn make it easy for the predatory fish to ambush their prey.

Napatree to To Sandy Point are great places to find early Bones

I’d call our local striper bait “above average” right now, nice sized bass being caught in shallow water early and late. We have a new moon and the added water movement should bode well for the weekend. Night time will undoubtedly be the best time to target large fish so think eels and big soft plastics, like the 10″ Big Occhi rigged on a light jig or a weighted swim bait hook.

Some BOMBER bluefish were weighed in this week from shore, and they seem to be scattered throughout the sound as well. Popping plugs are great when they are feeding under they birds but our customers are chunking and its been the best way to target big fish. Crabs been an issue for you bait guys? HOT TIP! Try cutting a couple pieces of Styrofoam cups into squares and put on your hook before the chunk. This should help float your bait off the bottom.

Here is your marine forecast for the weekend. No excuse not to fish! Happy holiday, and as our old friend Jay Baver would say, “We’ll see you, on the water.”

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