August 23rd- Hardtail Season Starting off Strong!

Spanish mackerel! Yes, you heard me, there are spanish mackerel in the sound! Oh, and bonito, and chub mackerel. What a late summer bite!

From Watch Hill to Fisher’s Island to Long Sand Shoal, the sound has filled in pretty good with the hardtails we all hope to catch. Bonito are thicker to the east and anglers are doing work with double digit days being reported more often than not. Stuck on shore? No problem. Head to one of the South County breach ways for a shot from shore. While the bonito being caught on the West Wall, you can have as much success without going all the way to PJ.

Closer to home, Joe Diorio got his sports on the funny fish recently and found them happy to eat jigs on the surface.

On the eve of the Bluefish tournament, early word has been great catches of smaller fish, but larger blues have been taking some searching. They seem to be in their own schools, so if you get into a patch of 1-2 pound fish, leave and find a new school. Blue fish on bunker schools will tend to be bigger, so fishing the edges of those schools could be the ticket. Don’t be afraid to chum when you find nice fish to keep them close to the boat. Some fresh and even frozen bunker chunks tossed overboard will likely keep your school tight.


Fluke just wont quite right now as we are still seeing great local catches daily. Long Sand Shoal has been getting beat up pretty good, but it still producing double digit fish. Try a little further South as the fishing is even better.

New Arrivals!

The EXO Jigs are here in both sizes and ALL COLORS. The Hyperlastics DartSpin in the 4.5″ are also in stock and look absolutely amazing. These are funny fish slayers for sure!

This weekend is shaping up to be the best weekend of the summer weather wise. We have bait for miles, multiple species willing to bite a lure or meat, and favorable conditions to catch them all.

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