August 16th- Don’t Call me Chubby!

Chub mackerel are Voracious Eaters!

To be a bait fish or a bluefish. I’m not sure whats worse right now! The blues are crushing bait of all sizes from our feet on the beach to the reefs 3 miles out. Lucky for us, they are happy to eat metals and poppers so our customers are having a blast with fish from 1 pound to 10 pounds depending on the school that pops up. Vertical jigging has been super effective on larger fish as the tried and true silver diamond jig with a tube tail has been flying off the shelves.

Striped bass are mixed into the surface onslaught and popping plugs are doing work on these 24″-30″ fish. We recently restocked on the Ocean Born Flying Popper and Flying Pencils in all the best colors in floating, sinking, and super long distance (SLD).

Long Sand Shoal, specifically the deeper side of the shoal is still fishing excellent and some very nice black sea bass are mixed in as well. 70+ feet combined with gulp or diamond jigs are producing the best results. Lately the small 4″ Gulp! Swimming Mullets are hot. Probably because the the primary bait is about that size. Take a look!

Chub mackerel are everywhere, and bonito are becoming thicker daily. We have an extensive selection of hard tail tackle and the know-how to turn your next “fishing” trip into a “CATCHING” trip!

BHO’s own Scott Schneider with a fat mack!

Keep your eyes

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