August 9th- (S)words a Plenty in our Canyons!

While the Northeast canyons are fishing just splendidly, there is still plenty to talk about close to home

Locally, our customers are having a blast with schoolie bass and blues which have been blitzing small bait and squid from morning through the afternoon hours. No record breakers, but good fun fishing. Southwest reef is a good place to start as the the rips are holding this tiny bait and squid at times. The Savage Swim Squid are perfect imitations and available in sizes to match most bait profiles.

Joey Jordan with his “Kraken” Savage Swim Squid!

Seabass and fluke fishing remains consistent which is fantastic considering how warm the sound is right now. Long Sand Shoal is probably the most reliable place to head, particularly the deep side of the shoal. Our sharpies are suggesting south and west of six mile reef, and deep! Finding small structure is the key right now. Some time on paper charts, online, and your electronics will certainly help come time to launch the boat.

Caught TODAY on Long Sand Shoal! 8/9/19

So, the canyons are AWESOME. While the big eyes are not nearly as plentiful as the last couple weeks, in their place we are seeing larger yellowfin tuna finally. Fish from 60-100 lbs have been common and most are coming on the morning troll. The big news has been the swords though. From the tails to Hydro, we are hearing of not only multiple hook ups a trip, but many fish landing each outing. Our local guys had a hot bite this week and this guy fell to the gaff in short order.

I think what everyone in the shop is MOST EXCITED FOR is the arrival of funny fish! Thats right, our first speedster visitors of the south have officially made their return to our waters. Last weekend the chub macks kept anglers busy but now the name of the game is BONES! Right now we have CONFIRMED fish from Stonington to Hatchets reef. Its no surprise as the sound is loaded with what I call “snot bait”. Tiny larve sized bunker and bay anchovies are being slurped up by packs of bonito. Sometimes dubious at best to catch them when on the smallest of bait, i suggest dowsizing rid, reel, line and lure selection. 10-15 lb braid to cast lures from 1/3-3/4 oz matched with the right rod and 10-12 lb leader material. We have been extremely impressed with the Game On Lures EXO jig lately. Their take on the epoxy jig just perfect, and the color pallet is matches our bait so well. take a look at our review of the EXO Jig HERE

Stay tuned for our up coming Tips, Tricks, and Techniques segment were I discuss out of the box options to catch picky hardtails.

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