July 24th- Dog Days of Summer…NOT YET!

The oppressive heat wave was pretty unbearable, but in all in all, the fishing did not suffer!

In the middle of the hottest stretch, we ended up seeing great catches of local fluke to 12.5#. This continued throughout this week and fish have been falling to Salmon Red Gulp! on either buck tail jigs or on a variety of three way rigs.

The seabass bite remains strong, but our customers are reporting covering a lot of ground to find heavy fish has been the norm. Try to find some small structure in 90+ feet of water. Your chances of bigger black seabass and a “fluke” fluke go up tremendously.

Striped bass fishing is a night time gig for the bigger bass. Low and slow with eels, live bunker, or chunks pretty much in that order are going to get you the best results. Daytime bass right now have been on the smaller size but on the bright side, there have been MONSTER bluefish mixed in. We have seen fish to 15# so far this week hitting all your favorite topwater plugs.

Summer is far from over and the fishing is really good! Remember we are open at 5 am every day for all your fishy needs!

Good luck!

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