July 14- Striped Bass Action at its Peak!

It may be mid July, but the strip-ed bass fishing has hit its stride on our part of the sound. Bunker are now EVERYWHERE and if you are able to snag or net some live fish you can bet on finding bass at our many reefs. No luck finding bunker, no problem! Mojo’s are fishing very well too!

Keeper fluke are now the bane of most anglers fishing existence as 19″ have sounded to deeper water. You can pick away at shorts with the occasional keeper in the shallows, but bigger fish are tougher to find. We recommend going DEEP and using big baits. We just expanded the M3 Spoon selection with increased sizes and colors. They are great at weeding our smaller fish.

Offshore, the tuna bite is better than it has been in years. Plenty of yellow and eyeballs are being caught, and with tuna prices in the basement, the pressure is less than usually. With the stable weather forecast, we don’t anticipate the fishing to change drastically, so now’s the time to head to the edge.

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