July 5th- Black, Striped, and Blue Fish!

Michela and Chris Jensen of Team Amped Up!

Happy 4th of July Weekend! Summer has officially started and apparently the fish got the memo too! Our inshore fishery has not been better with the amount of species we can catch in our areas!

Bluefish are finally being caught with some regularity and snappers have also showed up on the reefs near the CT river. Time to load up on snapper poppers and tins!

3 Different Varieties to Choose From!

Black seabass action remains great. You may have to go deeper and move around a bit, but with NY waters open there is plenty of fishy water to explore. Right now 90-100 feet should be your target areas.

Hogy Epoxy Jigs drive Seabass Crazy!

While short fish are the norm right now, the action is making up for the lack of keepers. Our local sharpies are still hanging fish on the scale here at BHO, using LARGE strip baits and double hook rigs.

With the bunker arrival in the river, bass fishing is pretty good from the mouth and to the west. There are still large fish in the far western sound that have to push through which should make for a real interesting July.

Best Bets for the Weekend

Early morning and overnight for bass. Lots of boat traffic in the days means its night missions this busy weekend.

Go deep for seabass and cover ground. We have a big tide with fast drifts so stem the tide a bit by kicking in and out of gear.

Load up on Gulp! It has been the difference maker from 18.5″ to 19″ this season.

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