May 31st- Jumbo’s are in Close Right Now!

Black Seabass have really turned up the heat. Fish are close to home and can be found 40-60 feet of water all over the sound. Our customers have had luck with Savage Squish Jigs as well as hi/lo setups tipped with Gulp! Take a look at the monster above caught on The Flying Connie this week.

Squish Jigs just plain CATCH

The fluke fishing has really improved this week with excellent reports from Fisher’s Island, to Block Island, to Greenport. Our customers are hot on the JoeBaggs Nantucket Series Flukie in the 1/4 oz size tipped with Gulp! and a strip bait.

Striped bass fishing continues to gain traction. Our IN-HOUSE tandem rigged slug-go’s and Jumpin’ Minnnows are top producers right now as the bass are on small to medium sized bait for the most part. 

Porgy fishing has remained consistent and the fish are moving closer inshore every day. 

While offshore fishing seems far away, its almost June and we are taking orders for early season chum. Special bulk discounts available and we will deliver to our marinas. We will also have the best bunker oil available on the market on the shelves! Just look at the color of this stuff!

The BEST Bunker Oil…PERIOD
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