May 18th- Seabass Opens Tomorrow!

Humpheads are only a day away!

The much anticipated start of the seabass season is tomorrow and it looks like a peach of a day! Squid will be the best bait to use, especially the load of fresh, off-the-boat squid we will be processing Sunday morning! It wont get any fresher than that!

For those looking to jig, give the Savage Squish Jig a try. These have been proven seasbass slayers and a blast to fish with. They are equally as deadly on striped bass and bluefish as well. Load up before your trip!

On to the rest of the action…
Fluke Fishing saw a small uptick this week, but boats had to travel to find them. Joe Baggs Nantucket Flukies in 1/4 oz fished as a teaser were a hit from what we heard this week. Spearing and squid strips with a combination of Gulp! are the best bait choices right now.

Striped bass schoolie fever is in full effect. With lots of fish on the edges of the river mouths, fishing is great whether using bait or plugs. One lucky angler reported good numbers fishing small poppers and walk the dog baits like Rebel Jumpin Minnows.
The flounder fishing is still good, but with all the schoolie bass around, its tough to get to the fish.

Schoolies Everywhere!

The “Unicorn of the North” are being caught more regularly now and anglers should see them moving towards the beaches as the weather improves and the water warms. Try the pink 7″ Big Occhi this spring on your next tiderunner outing. Even early in the season this year they seem to be producing well.

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