Long Island Sound is Heating Up!

While many were fishing for fluke this week, more were catching sea robins unfortunately. The fluke that are being caught are coming form the warmer waters off the north shore of Long Island. Bright Spro Bucktails with a Tsunami Glass Minnow teaser above it are the best delivery methods right now. Tipped with Gulp! and a spearing its the best combination to secure a keeper this early season. The weakfish are mixed in among the birds and the fluke and keepers are being caught on the same tackle.
Scup have showed up in droves especially to the west. You can make quick work with a sabiki rig or a 3 hook hi/lo rig this time of the year.

Bigger striped bass are filtering into the sound as the migration has finally worked its way into our waters. Larger fish are eager to inhale a bunker chunk as much as a soft plastic pulled in slow. Our customers are having luck fishing larger Tsunami shads near bait schools with the larger fish chasing the large baits.

Dartspins are all over the bass!

As always, our Westbrook store is LOADED with everything you need to have a great day on the water. Put the odds in your favor and let our team help you CATCH MORE FISH!

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