ROCK the DOCK Featuring Jake Kulak and the Low-Down!

OK…SO a little rain jus postponed the fun. Let’s Try this AGAIN! We’re Kickin’ Off the Summer with our First ROCK the DOCK event of the season with JAKE KULAK and the Low-Down! This FREE CONCERT event happens Sunday, June 24th at BHO in WESTBROOK, CT. Be there and bring your chair and baskets!! As always, Rock the Dock is a FREE concert and an amazing time here at BHO. Bring a chair, and some friends, and help support the musicians and artists by showing how much you appreciate the show with a contribution to their tip jar!!

BONUS…We will be holding this concert event at our FLUKE-FEST 2018 Awards Double Bang-for-the-BUCK!!..this will be an night of the summer you won’t want to miss!!

Summer’s finally here…let’s get ROCKIN’!!

Let us know you’re coming!


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