Swallow Tours

If you have not experienced the Swallow murmuration and are in the area, you MUST! The Tree Swallow makes its annual migration this time of year and chooses a small island near the mouth of the Connecticut River to collect before their long journey south. Every evening, thousands of swallows emerge out of the salt marsh and put on a dazzling aerial flight show, swirling, and spiraling in an aerial ballet that will take your breath away. Their formations look like flying fireworks and their precision is breathtaking. 

This phenomenon happens through September and into October, and is considered one of nature’s “greatest shows on Earth.” People come from all over New England to experience this amazing show. To see it at water level in a kayak or on a paddle board is truly an evening you won’t forget, so book your outing NOW, before our swallow aerial experience goes south! 

These paddle tours have limited access so book soon and early!

* $75 per person for Adults
* $50 for children 16 and under accompanied by an adult

Check out the video!

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