Tog Tober

Dust off your tog gear and get ready for the 4th annual tog-tober blackfish tourney. Boat, yak & Barbie rod divisions!!! Heaviest fish wins- There will be some AMAZING prizes, courtesy of some of our growing sponsor list including Old Town, Malone, Costa, Stormr gear, Tsunami tackle, Plum Island baits, and Joe Bags tackle among others. Prizes for kayak division will be a fully outfitted Malone Kayak trailer. Boat division will be a cash prize. The Barbie rod division will have a separate prize pool with proceeds go to the Sound School. Barbie rod division is a $20 entry fee. It’s a $30 entry fee for kayak or boat and you must decide and pay for the division you would like to fish PRIOR to the start of the tournament. Weigh in is up to 4 pm on Saturday and closes at 2 pm on Sunday. The 2017 Old Town kayak fishing fleet will be on demo all weekend long! As always, food, drink and fun times to be had. Stay tuned for more details!!!! #bhofishing #seewhatsoutthere#oldtownkayak #stormr #oceankayaks #plumislandswimbaits #costsunglasses #wetsox #joebags #rammounts #yakattack #tsunamitackle

Huge raffle with prize pools consisting of great swag from our sponsors including Costa, The Fisherman magazine, Tsunami Tackle , Stormr, Supreme gear, Plum Island, Humminbird, Malone, Ram mounts, Yak Attack, Wet Sox and still growing…

Call us at 860-434-9680 or email us for more info on how to sign up!

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